Products to Help Rescue Summer Fried & Frazzled Hair

altLast week I wrote about some Easy Care Summer Hair Tricks, for those times when you’re running late, but you still need your hair to look great. This week I’m covering some great haircare products that can help to restore shine and put some bounce back into summer ravaged hair.

Aside from it’s pleasantly warm temperatures and longer evenings, Summer is one of my favorite times of year. I love it because its a time of year when we’ll allow ourselves to fall out of the more rigid schedule that we often need to adhere to once the kids are back in school.

There’s an old adage that says something to the effect of “Work hard first, so that you can Play Hard Later”. To me, that saying epitomizes the true essence of summer for both kids and adults alike.  If we work hard and we’re lucky enough, this playtime often translates to lots of time spent outdoors at the park, beach, pool or whatever happens to be your favorite place to gather with your family.
Your hair, however, may not be as thrilled about all this fun time spent being exposed to all the elements, since they can really wreak havoc on the condition of your hair.  But don’t let that little issue deter you from spending time outdoors with friends & family. Just make sure you’ve armed yourself with some really great at-home hair products that will help condition and maintain the quality of your hair.
I feel sorry for my poor hair. Over the years, I’ve experimented with so many color, curl and straightening treatments, that I’m surprised my hair has put up with all that I’ve asked it to endure. Now if you add a season of Summer exposure on top of all that, you could really be cooking up a recipe for disaster for you hair. So if you spend a lot of time in the pool or ocean, it’s a good habit to clear rinse your hair immediately before and after entering the water. That way your hair won’t soak up the chemicals in the pool like a sponge and the same is true with salty sea water.
I’ve used Phyto products for many years and all of their products I’ve tried have been really top notch. Begin first by treating your hair gently with this PhytoSpecific Deep Restructuring Shampoo. It’s especially perfect for meeting the needs of frizzy or curly hair that’s been over processed or sun exposed. And if you’ve already invested in having a keratin or brazilian hair smoothing treatment done on your hair, you’ll love knowing that this shampoo is Sulfate Free too. You can follow up this gentle shampoo up with this 9 Daily Ultra-Nourishing Cream or for a once a week treatment you can use the Aveda Damage Remedy Treatment I’ll talk about later in this article.

This LuxorPro “Wet” Detangling Hair Brush is great for hair types all the way from long, thin and fine hair, straight through to super thick and curly hair types.  I was suggesting this brush for moms, but many reviewers of this product stated that this brush has been a lifesaver for them in helping to detangle the tender heads of small children too. Apparently it’s helped eliminate a lot of the screaming and crying can often accompany trying to brush out your child’s tangled wet hair after swimming or bathing.

Thankfully, it was my stylist that turned me onto this Aveda Damage Remedy Treatment and it’s been a lifesaver for my hair.  I’m a total fan of many of Aveda’s products and when I began using this intensive restructuring treatment just once a week after shampooing, I saw a big improvement in my hair’s appearance. This product is great at smoothing, moisturizing, deep conditioning and preserving hair against Summer elements, like sun, wind and sand. And it’s also great throughout the rest of the year too, to help protect your hair against the damage of heat styling tools, hair dyes and chemical straighteners. 

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