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Creative Bathroom Storage Solutions

It's often a challenge to organize the smallest room in your house that you and the rest of your family depend on every day, but a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking will help you to utilize every inch.  Matching containers on a shelf give a unified look to the room, while keeping random toiletries out […]

Home Decor

A Bathroom for All Ages

  Many of us don't have a bathroom that can solely be used by the kids, which can make a set-up welcoming to both kids and adults very necessary. If you have enough bathrooms in your home for the kids to have their own, then consider yourself lucky. Some of us share a single bathroom […]


Can Exposing Your Kids to the Arts Make them Smarter?

Is anyone else out there as concerned as I am about school budget cuts wiping out an important opportunity for your kids to do better in life? Having earned my degree in Fine Arts, I’m all too aware of the short-sighted perception of art and music being viewed in public education as a sort “superfluous […]