Creepy Critters in my Kitchen

So, a few weeks ago, I looked through our local rec center classes, and decided to sign my son up for a class called “Animal Science: Zoology for Kids!”  He loves science, and is madly in love with all of the earth’s creatures: the shrimp, the mongoose, the shark (but not, for some reason, the […]


How Not to Give Parenting Advice

Parenting advice is a tricky, touchy road to navigate. While it is, I’m sure, always delivered with the best of intentions, the road to – well, you know the road and what it’s paved with. Certain advice will inevitably cause the recipient at least some degree of aggravation.


Grateful Mom

It’s sunny again, the kids have been illness free for at least a week and a half, I just had my hair highlighted (which means I don’t have to wash it for at least a week) – so I am in the mood to be grateful.


Ouch, My Uterus

My baby turned three this weekend. My uterus is too nostalgic, and confused by the mixed signals the poor thing is receiving from my rational brain versus my squishy mommy heart, to write anything at all (not that I normally use my uterus to write, you understand).


Do You Want Insults With That?

One of my very occasional treats to myself is to stop by the Pretty Nail down the street from my house. I never manage to orchestrate free time far ahead enough to make an actual spa appointment, but you can always just walk right in to the Pretty Nail.


Help, Knock Knock Jokes Needed!

My almost five-year old has become enamored with the idea of jokes, and of course my three-year old adores anything his brother does, so I am being stretched to the limit of my store of age-appropriate humor.


Christmas Bats

With the kids home from school and “sick” – in the sense that they are too snotty to be seen in public, yet completely undiminished in energy and bounce – I panicked and went to Target.