Mom's Night OutI’m lucky enough to call four incredible women my best friends. I’ll readily admit, “best friends” is a term most often used in high school, there’s no better term. 

These are the sisters of my heart, the people I call when I have good or bad news to share. Though our kids all love each other like family, I have to say, when we plan a rare “Moms’ Night Out”, I look forward to it for weeks.

Partly because we all work, partly because two of us are single moms, having a moms’ night out takes all the planning of a major campaign. There’s childcare to secure, meals to pre-cook, and schedules to arrange. To make it worse, we can’t keep one of our friends awake past nine. This last weekend, the stars all aligned and we were able to get together for a Grease sing-a-long at one of our local theaters.

There’s nothing like the laughter of friends to wash away the stress of a week. And there’s nothing like the silliness of a musical to help us forget problems at home or work. With each other, we’re able to relax, to laugh, to cry, and to share in the absurdities of life whether it be a divorce, a new job, or a cheesy song sung by John Travolta with a dancing hot dog splayed across the screen behind him.

Whether it’s a movie or drinks or even just gathering at my house when the kids are with their dad, these nights bind us together and strengthen our friendships. 

Having a night without a little person demanding attention doesn’t hurt either.

Do you plan moms’ nights out?