DIY Cardboard Child Chair: A Piece Of Funiture Your Kids Can Finally Feel Free To Color

DIY CHILD CHAIRMost of us have experienced the inevitable furniture drawings our children lovingly leave us. Why not give them a piece of furniture they can freely decorate with their entire craft box?

The DIY Cardboard Child Chair from MUJI is a stylish "decor-able" chair for kids, and the perfect solution to your child's crafty furniture craving that won't drive you mad.

DIY CHILD CHAIRThe chair is made from 100% recycled paper (and you can recycle it again on its way out!). It's available in two sizes, small and large, depending on your child's size ore preference. Make it a fun activity from start to finish: you and your child assemble together, decorate (the sky's the limit!), and enjoy all the comforts of the seat. It can also be used as a desk–the arrangement is easily customizable.

The DIY Cardboard Child Chair is available at the MUJII Online Store in both small ($26.50) and large ($29.50) sizes.