Glitter and New Years are synonymous with FUN!   

Celebrate 2012 with this shiny new shirt that is easy enough that every family member can have one! 


  • Black Shirt in any size
  • Freezer paper
  • X-Acto knife
  • Gliter fabric paint in gold and silver 


Using your computer, print out 2012 in a nice block font.  I used confetti (free download).  Make sure to use a large enough font and print out in landscape mode.

Place a piece of freezer paper, dull side up, on top of the printout and trace the numbers

Carefully cut the numbers out of the freezer paper with an X-Acto

Center the cut out right in the middle of the shirt, glossy side down, and using a hot iron, iron the template to the shirt.  The glossy side of the paper will adhere to the shirt.

Apply the gold glitter paint directly onto the cut out numbers.  Allow to dry (usually 4 hours).

At this point, get creative.  I used a zig zag motion with the silver paint.  I think bead dots would be great too!  Allow to dry another 4 hours.  Carefully peel the freezer paper away after completely dry.

Ring in the New Year like a star!