DIY Snowmen Window Clings

These cute little snowmen window clings are perfect for welcoming into your home! They are really easy to make and the kids are guaranteed to love playing with them. Try making this craft with your little ones.


  • white contact paper
  • black tape or contact paper
  • orange tape
  • Circle hole punches in 3 different sizes (optional)
  • scissors

Snowmen Window Clings - SUPPLIES


Step 1: Punch the different sized circles out of the contact paper. I find that the circles come out a lot cleaner if you punch them upside down. Try it, it works! Alternately, if you don't have hole punches, use your scissors to make your circles. You can use coins and a pencil to trace your circle shapes and cut them out!

Snowmen Window Clings - Step 1

Step 2: Next, let's make the faces! Grab your scissors and hole punch and fun tapes to create cute little faces. The kids will love this part! Have them cut out two eyes and a nose. Alternately, the kids can draw on the faces. Let them use their imaginations!

Snowmen Window Clings - Step 2

Step 3: Once the faces are made, peel the backing off the contact paper circles and stick them on the windows! Have fun with your new snowmen!

Snowmen Window Clings - Step 3