Crafts for Kids

This DIY Magic Nuudle Marble Maze Will Mesmerize Kids

Need to challenge your little ones to do something different for a morning or afternoon? DIY marble mazes are not only fun to create but fun to play with after they have been completed. I found colorful puffs that look edible, but they aren’t; they are the most amazing craft material. They are non-toxic and biodegradable, […]


DIY Day of the Week Underwear for Kids and Tweens

Emotions are running high in my house this year. If one of my girls isn’t rolling her eyes, then the other one is sticking out her tongue. And, fine, I’ll admit that some of those eye rolls, deep sighs, and scowls come from me, too. But, there’s also a lot of laughing, blown kisses, and […]

Crafts for Kids

DIY Slogan Slippers for a Slumber Party

My ten year old and her friends are in peak sleepover mode. Slumber parties have replaced playdates, and fun DIYs have replaced popcorn and movies for late night entertainment. As much as I love their creativity, I don’t necessarily want to have to supervise, organize, and help create projects with them as they gab the […]