Candace Cameron Bure blue shirt white skirt belt white tank top

'Make It Or Break It' host Candace Cameron Bure is proud to be an overly protective parent.

The former 'Full House' star says that she's very protective when it comes to her kids and technology.  The mother of Natasha (11), Lev (10), and Maksm (8), supervises what the kids are watching on tv and only just this year allowed her daughter to have an email account – only because her school required it. She shares:   “I am so overly protective when it comes to technology because there are so many dangers associated with it'.

Candace also says that her daughter claims to be the "only one" at school without a cell phone, but Candace won't budge on that subject just yet.  “I’m like, ‘Great! Good for all of them.’” But says it still doesn't convince her to buy Natasha a phone. 

Do your preteens have their own cell phones yet? What age do you think is "right" for that step?