Angelina Jolie, movie set, long brown coat, brown winter jacket, black boots

Brad Pitt pays a visit to Angelina Jolie on her movie set in Budapest.

Brad finished filming "Moneyball" this week and joined his family in Hungary where Angelina is directing her first feature-length film.  He stopped by the set to check things out and the duo spent some time signing autographs for fans waiting nearby. 

Angelina's film, which she also wrote, doesn't have an official title yet.  All we know so far is the brief synopsis given by iMDb: "A look at how a couple's romance is effected by the Bosnian War"

Brad Pitt, black jacket, black hat, jeans, black boots, Angelina Jolie, brown coat, black boots, sunglasses

Brad Pitt, black jacket, black hat, sunglasses, boots, jeans