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Gavin Rossdale shares his view on diaper duty and paparazzi attention.

Gavin isn't afraid to admit that changing diapers is not his thing.  He shared: "We have good people around us. If there’s no one there, I can do it, but otherwise I sort of slide away — I get very interested in my Blackberry at that point.  A friend once told me, ‘By the way, they never thank you for changing their diapers when they grow up, so don’t sweat it.’ I thought it was good advice." 

He says that the paparazzi attention can be rough on his boys, Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 2.  "I’ll want to take my kid to the beach, and there’s six grown men chasing us."  Gavin admitted that Kingston had a tough time with it some days:  "He went through a really angry stage. He’d scream at them, ‘Get away! Don’t take a picture of my mom (Gwen Stefani)!'  They’d say, ‘Wow, Kingston’s really moody!’ You’re a grown man running after a 4-year-old! What do you want him to do?”

The father of three admits that his relationship with Zuma and Kingston is different than the one he shares with his daughter Daisy, now 21.  Gavin didn't find out that he was her father until 2004.  He opened up: "I love my connection with her, but I don’t have any say in who she is. With the boys it’s my job to correct them and shape them. With Daisy, I just have to be respectful. I suppose it’s more like a friendship.”

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