Modern Family Star Julie Bowen Has A Plan For “No More Kids”

Julie Bowen, pink silk blouse, earrings

"Modern Family" star Julie Bowen talks babies, punctuality, and her surgical skills. 

Julie and her husband Scott are the parents of three young boys: Oliver, 3, and 18-month-old twins John and Gus.  They definitely have her on the run 24/7 and as such, she says their family will not be expanding any further.  “Oh God, no! No more children."  She jokes: "Seriously, I gave my husband a vasectomy with a rusty fork — it’s done.”

Julie says that trying to keep up with them has affected her punctuality: “I’m late to everything whereas I used to be on time to everything. But now I am late and unwashed. Thank God for perfume and hairspray.”

Chasing little ones does have advantages – Julie explains/jokes how they are keeping her in shape: “I lift children for the upper body. I run for the lower body, and for the middle I wear Spanx. That’s it — that’s my three-part system.”

Julie Bowen, jeans, sweater vest, son