Jennifer Aniston And Paul Rudd Film “Wanderlust”

Jennifer Aniston, black sweater, movie set

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd were photographed filming their new film "Wanderlust" in New York City.

Jennifer and Paul, who also co-starred in "Object of my Affection" back in 1998, are teaming up once again for the movie "Wanderlust".  The only synopsis of the movie so far is: "An urban couple branch out to live a more counter-culture lifestyle."

They shot scenes in Atlanta for several weeks back in September and today they were spotted filming around NYC.  The film is tentatively scheduled for release next October.

I have to say that I am loving Jennifer's nearly-blonde hair, it really suits her. 

Jennifer Aniston, brown boots, jeans, black jacket

jennifer aniston, black shirt, black sweater, eyeglasses, black leather coat