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Ashlee Simpson says that despite Bronx's birthday being in close proximity to Christmas, he will still get his fair share of gifts.

Ashlee shared: "He just had his birthday, and he got a lot of gifts. He'll still have a great Christmas, and he's really into Thomas the Train, but we have enough Thomas, so we do not need that this year!"  She also says that they are making sure to start family traditions now so they are in place as Bronx grows: "For my husband and I, it's nice to start those traditions now.  What we're doing with the tree, what we did over Thanksgiving … we actually had an amazing Thanksgiving with Peter's family."

Do you or your kids have birthdays close to the holidays? My dad would always joke about getting gypped on gifts as a child because his birthday was just 3 days after Christmas.  So, my sister and I always made sure that we wrapped his birthday presents separately from the Christmas ones.  In later years, we'd make him wait until his actual birthday to open those gifts instead of letting him open them on Christmas. 

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