Angelina Jolie, black jacket, Brad Pitt, suv

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donate $2 million in honor of Shiloh.

Angelina and Brad spent the holidays in Namibia, where daughter Shiloh was born, with their kids at the N/a'an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary.  The couple announced they were donating $2 million to the sanctuary, which takes care of injured animals like large cats – cheetahs, etc.  During their stay, the Jolie-Pitt children were present to watch a leopard being reintroduced to the wild and also were able to watch a wild dog being treated.

Below is a shot of the happy family during their vacation.  Above is the family, back in the U.S. now, heading out to dinner at Benihana's last night in L.A.


Angelina Jolie, black tank top, black jeans, sunglasses