Kate Gosselin, black capri pants, black flipflops, tshirt

Kate Gosselin and her family are spending an extended vacation in Australia.

Reality mom Kate was spotted arriving at the Brisbane airport yesterday afternoon with her 8 children.   The family is spending approximately 2-3 weeks over in Australia together, all the while filming for their reality show "Kate Plus 8".  Rumor has it that Jon Gosselin wasn't too happy about the long vacation since it meant he won't see the kids until mid-January. 

I wonder how the long trip will impact their school work?  My kids hate to miss a day of school because they feel all "out of synch" with everyone else, so I can't imagine missing 2 weeks right after a long holiday break.  But, I'm sure her kids are having a great time – what an amazing experience for them.  I doubt that a family of their size could ever have afforded vacations like this one and the one to Alaska if it weren't for the reality show.  Gotta grab those perks where you can!

Kate Gosselin, black capri, black flip flops