Angelina Jolie talks about her love for Brad Pitt and her attempt to balance motherhood and work.

Angelina is currently promoting her new movie 'Kung Fu Panda 2', which opened this past weekend, and during her press tour, she shared a few insights about her relationship with Brad and also her balancing act as a mom.

"I love being with Brad. I'm very lucky with [him]. He is a real gentleman, but he is also a real man's man." She also calls him a "great, loving father" and "a very, very intelligent man." 

The mom of six juggles her work and family life the best she can, just like the rest of us: "I'm always there on weekends. I only ever work a five-day week, and I am often there for breakfast or dinner. When I'm working, they come up at lunch. I love that I can have children."

And when her schedule is extra full, the kids don't mind have some extra daddy time: "It's special time for daddy when mom works for a few months. And Brad is such a great dad. When I'm working, he's putting in the extra dad time, and that's special for their relationship, too."



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