Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Book Series Heading To A TV Near You


The wildly popular Outlander book series is set to hit the small screen!

Deadline Hollywood reports today that author Diana Gabaldon sealed a deal with Sony Pictures TV to bring the beloved book characters Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp to life, with producer Ron Moore writing the adaptation. The project is being pitched to cable networks this week, so we don’t know just yet where it will air and how it will air.

Fans are hoping they’ll take their time with these elaborate stories, crossing their fingers for a season-per-book series like other successful book series adaptations like True Blood and Game of Thrones. They’ve been having a good time sharing their “dream cast” on Diana’s Facebook page over the past few months, but so far no word on who the powers-that-be have in mind for the roles.

Are you familiar with the Outlander series? I have to admit that I’m a bit obsessed! A friend sent me the first few books and I just could not get past a few chapters. I gave up and sent them back only to try again a few months down the road. The second time was the charm because I fell in love with them immediately and sped through all seven books and am currently on my second read through. Diana Gabaldon has ruined me for all other authors because I now expect so much more in a book.