Former Sopranos actress Jamie Lynn Sigler is the latest celebrity to come to Kim Kardashian's defense. 


Jamie-Lynn, who is expecting her first child later this summer with fiance Cutter Dykstra, feels bad that Kim has to deal with public ridicule over her pregnancy weight gain.

During a taping of Watch What Happens Live, Jamie-Lynn shared, "I feel really bad for her. It’s hard being pregnant. Your body does change; I mean my boobs have like quadrupled in size and it’s hard. She’s doing her best and I think she looks beautiful. I mean she’s carrying a baby; I feel bad for her.”

Do you think the media has been hard on Kim?  I've seen more outlets talking about her maternity style choices and not so much her baby weight.  I think Jessica Simpson took a far worse beating in the media when she was pregnant with her first child.  In my opinion, more people (celebrity or not) should've stepped up to defend Jessica, too.



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