General Hospital actress Kirsten Storms has been keeping two big secrets (those soap opera stories are rubbing off on her!)!  Kristen and her former co-star Brandon Barash tied the knot back in June and are now expecting their first child together! 

Brandon fessed up the big news to People this afternoon.  The newlywed dad-to-be shared “We’re having a little girl in January. It’s been the most amazing couple of months of our lives. We kept things quiet because of everything that can go wrong during the first trimester. Kirsten did have a rocky [time] and we were in and out of the hospital.”

Brandon and Kirsten had a good laugh when they figured out where they conceived their little miracle.  “We calculated that we conceived the baby in Tony Geary‘s (Luke Spencer) guest room!”

Brandon is over the moon about the marriage and baby news, “It feels like a fairytale — we are so lucky.”

I’d be willing to bet that they’re going to have to hide Kirsten’s pregnancy on General Hospital since her character Maxie Jones is giving birth to a baby this week!  It might be hard to explain another rapid pregnancy…but then again it IS a soap opera and anything goes! 



Photo Credit: Getty Images