Christina ApplegateWe're so excited to welcome Christina Applegate as our December Guest Editor! We were lucky enoough to have this stunning and accomplished actress finish our sentences below. Read on to find out what we learned about this funny woman here:

1. When I need advice, my go-to mama guru is: I usually ask the moms at Sadie’s school who have older kids.

2. The people I truly admire are: single parents.

3. My favorite 5-minute de-stress method is: looking at my daughters face.

4. My most embarrassing pregnancy symptom was: I was cranky.

5. My weirdest pregnancy craving was: when I had morning sickness, the only thing that I could eat was mac and cheese, even at 8AM!

6. The thing that surprised me the most about becoming a mom was: how much you can completely, selflessly love someone.

7. The coolest thing about raising a girl is: there are many cool things about having a girl, one being that putting on a twirly skirt can make her whole day.

8. For me, being on the red carpet is: it can be un-nerving. Flash bulbs are a bit blinding. It's a very strange feeling.

9. The best piece of parenting advice I ever received was: I’ve received so much, one thing that stands out in my mind is that my friend would always say to her daughter “use your words,” so that what I say to Sadie and it helps our communication.

10. My can’t-live-without beauty product is: Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty products.

11. My favorite on-the-go snack is: Kale Krunch.

12. My daughter can’t live without: her Doc McStuffins doctor kit.

13. My guilty pleasure is: Poquito Mas vegetarian burittos.

14. Regaining my body after baby was seriously difficult.

15. My advice to working moms is: someone told me once when I was feeling sad being away from my daughter at work that I was setting an example for her to be a strong woman who can take care of herself.

16. I never leave the house without Honest Company diapers and wipes.

17. I never travel without Como Shambhala Invigorate shower gel.

18. The best part of my day is seeing Sadie in her crib in the morning.

19. You know you’re a mom when you don’t want to do anything but be with your kid.

20. My favorite part of parenthood is watching Sadie learn and change, even though it goes so fast.

21. The toughest part of parenthood is tantrums.

22. Something on my bucket list that I haven’t done yet is: go on an African safari.

23. My ideal vacation would be: any island where the water is like bath water. A must!

24. The last thing I read was my New York Times crossword. That’s all I have time for these days.

25. The last thing I Googled was: tropical orb weaver spider.

26. My desert island album is The Beatles' Abbey Road.

27. If I could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) it would be: Janis Joplin. Long story . . .

28. As a mom, guilt strikes when I tell her no, it stinks, but it’s a necessity.

29. The best character trait my daughter has inherited from me is her sense of humor.