Christina ApplegateThere are lots of surprises that come with motherhood, but one thing that never fails to shock: our own behavior. Swore you'd never turn into your mother? Chances are, you'll start to notice similarities soon. Even celebs aren't immune! We asked Christina Applegate to weigh in with the most most embarrassing quotes she has uttered to her sweet daughter Sadie. Hear these gems that she never imagined would pass her lips.

Christina's Take on Bribery

I never thought I would bribe my child, but I find myself saying things like, “If you don’t stop doing that, you will never get another lollipop again,” or “You'll get a cookie if you play nice.” Sigh.

Christina's Take on Time Outs

I've adapted Time Outs so I have my own version. I say, “I think we need to have some alone time for deep breaths and to think about a few things.”

Christina's Take on Dental Hygiene

Of course there's this classic, “If you don’t brush your teeth, they will all fall out.” Ummm . . . did I really just say that?

Christina's Take on Discipline

I've also been known to say, “Santa called from the north pole- he said he knows you're not eating your dinner. if you don't start eating right now he said he won’t be able to bring you a present at Christmas.” Passing the dirty work off to Santa is genius! Who thought of that?

Christina's Take on Travel

On a recent trip to New York, as my family played in the snow I said, “You don’t put anything from Central Park in your mouth!” Hey, I stand by that one—it's pretty good advice.