chris pratt anna faris

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris seemed destined to wind up together and they don't care if that life includes living in a mansion or a trailer back home in Washington.  The couple, who married in summer of 2009 and share a son named Jack, grew up just minutes away in Washington.  Chris shared that they are simple people who want simple things.  "Anna once told me that if I moved her into a trailer, she would still be happy. And I said, 'Well, honey, there's a good chance I'm going to do that, so … ' "

Anna says that the fame isn't even on their radar, they just want to live a regular life.   "A home-cooked meal, tinkering around our home, [sitting] around with the fireplace and a glass of wine.  We really value our private time. Also, we have kind of boring lives."  Chris added, "Trying to remind each other to keep perspective and know that this is mostly temporary."

Quirky trivia tidbit: Anna and Chris each had a dead bug collection before they met and combined it when they got engaged.


Photo by Getty Images