27 Questions: Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Fills Us In

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett smiling with a park in the background

Your parenting style is REAL.

As a mom, you’re more of an educator than you thought you'd be.

Little Hank is a boss.

Age 4 is heaven compared to age 3.

The most surprising thing about your little boy is how quickly he learns.

Your favorite way to spend time with Little Hank is around bedtime when it is time to read, draw, or watch videos on aircraft carriers.

Your second pregnancy is hell compared to your pregnancy with Little Hank.

Your weirdest pregnancy craving has been beer, but saving that craving for later:)

Your reaction to learning you're having a girl: My mouth dropped and my whole world turned upside down!

The thing that excites you most about having a daughter is teaching her all the things I know.

The thing that freaks you out most about having a daughter is how beautiful she’ll be.

Little Hank will be a mentor to his little sister..

Hank will be a very protective daddy to his little girl.

The thing you love most about being a mom is teaching Little Hank something new every day and seeing his smile.