7 TV Moms I Want To Hang Out With

Do you ever watch a TV series and think: That mom character is so badass. I wish I could hang out with her! Yeah, me too. Here, 7 TV moms that I'd love to have coffee—or drinks with. 

1. Nancy Botwin from WeedsNot only do I love her Boho style and carefree attitude, but I resonate with the single mom struggle. After her husband Judah dies, she's forced to pick up the pieces to maintain her family and middle-class lifestyle. Instead of getting a job-job, she decides to sell weed to her local friends. Her business quickly expands to a larger, more dangerous clientele and things get crazier and crazier. Putting the illegal business aside, at Nancy's core, she's a single mom who doesn't want to be alone. Any single mom will relate to her. 

2. Claire from Lost. In a word this blond Aussie is badass. She survives a freakin' plane crash, gets kidnapped by the creepy Others, gives birth in the jungle with fearless Kate, and manages to open up to sweet, damaged Charlie. I'd love to eat a mango and some fresh fish with her. She clearly needs a mom buddy! Bonus: How cute is baby boy Aaron? 

3. Sarah from Parenthood. This single mom character has two adult kids and a complicated past. I love Sarah, because she's a chameleon. She's been a sneaker designer, a writer, and a photographer. This creative problem solver has definitely had her fair share of struggles: Her ex-husband is a recovering addict and doesn't help much with the kids. She's had a slew of failed relationships. She lived with her parents while trying to get back on her feet (not easy). Her adult kids throw their emotional probs at her, too. But she always lands on her feet, smiling, looking at the bright side. 

4.  Fiona from ShamelessSo, her five brothers and sisters are obviously not her biological kids. But she is certainly the closet thing to a mom that they have. I love Fiona's character because she gave up her life to raise her sibs since her parents aren't functional people. That struggle juxtaposed with Fiona's passion to keep her family going is fascinating to watch. She's had her fair share of major problems this season (drug abuse and a stint in prison!), but she's good and solid at her core. 

5. Meredith Grey from Grey's AnatomyFirst of all: She's married to McDreamy! Enough said. Meredith is a mom of two and a FT doc. This lady has been through it all: Her mom wasn't really present growing up and her dad was an alcoholic. Through the course of her stint on Grey's she's drowned, been in a plane crash, and a mass shooting—but she keeps on swimming. Of course these scenarios are the most extreme cases, but I really admire her ability to power through the storm. And have time for a quickie in the break room with McDreamy. 

6. Claire from Modern FamilyI'm not sure if I want to hang out with her or her entire family! I really admire Julie Bowen's character because she has a great relationship with her on-screen husband Phil. You can tell they love each other even when they're being sarcastic and snarky. They make time to lock the bedroom door and co-parent to perfection. Mostly, this is a couple that has one another's back and I think at the end of the day, that's what we all want: To lay our head next to someone that will back us up. 

7. Karen from CalifornicationFor starters, she puts up with Hank Moody. Karen's character is important for any mom struggling to co-parent. Karen and Hank have a super complicated relationship, but they also have a super complicated love. They are so madly in love with each other despite the fact they are not together. And because of this, they always have each other's best interest at heart—and the interest of their teen daughter Becca. Karen shows us that family is not defined by being married or living behind a white picket fence. It's about people that are connected by love and respect no matter what the situation may be.

Tell me about the TV moms you'd like to hang out with! Thanks!