Ashley Judd

Best Kids Audiobooks for Bedtime

Getting kids to relax before bedtime is a constant struggle. While nothing can replace spending time with your kid and reading a loud, mixing in reading experiences can only be a good thing. Listening to stories at bedtime taps into your child’s imagination and prepares them for dreamland. Exposing your kids to different narrators gives […]


11 Books to Read Before the Movie Releases

It’s true that the books are always better than the movie version. While big screen (or Netflix and Amazon screens) may not match the film I’ve imagined, I prefer to read the book before the watching the movie. The four remaining months of 2018 promise an exciting line-up of diverse movies based on novels. If […]


5 Books About Kindergarten To Read With Your Child

The transition from preschool to kindergarten is a big deal, and for a lot of kids (and parents) it causes anxiety as they worry about…well, everything. My second child just started and even though she was mostly excited, she did have nervous energy leading up to the big day. There are so many firsts that […]


10 Best Celebrity Children’s Books

I’m always a bit skeptical when a new celebrity-written children’s book pops up at my local library. I mean, just because you’re gorgeous with great pipes and can cry on cue does not automatically make you an author. But every so often, a celebrity really does have the magic touch for telling stories to kids. […]