Tori Spelling Gives Us A Glimpse Inside “Liam’s World”

Tori Spelling's son might be the youngest person with a Twitter account.

Tori launched a Twitter account for her three-year-old son, Liam, to share his humor and insight with the world. The reality mom said that she was shocked at the response, it attracted over 15,000 followers in the first day!   "The response was not what I expected. It was insane!!" she said.

Tori has been sharing little nuggets such as:  "My belly roars like a monster.  It says MUST EAT LOLLIPOPS! YUM!" and "Mama, you're like Lady Gaga cause you have yellow hair and you are fancy!". She has even shared a few pictures already (posted below) – including a Jello tower and a book explosion in Liam's bedroom. 

What a unique way of keeping track of some of the fun things her son says.  Would you consider starting a Twitter account to keep a record of those funny kid moments? Liam McDermott green tshirt, gray pants

Liam McDermott green buzz lightyear pajamas