Bethenny Frankel Talks About Being A New Mom While Promoting Her New Book

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Bethenny Frankel says she loved the long hospital stay after giving birth.

The author and reality mom shared on her blog that she was clueless when it came to her newborn daughter, Bryn, and she was thankful for the long stay in the hospital. "I may be insane, but I also loved being in the hospital for my c-section for five days after Bryn’s birth. Jason and I knew nothing. It was like bringing an animal from the wild to live with us. The hospital was our own little cocoon where everything was protected." Did you feel that way after giving birth?  I know so many moms who were climbing the walls, just itching to get back home with their new babies. 

Bethenny is out promoting her new book 'The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes For Your Naturally Thin Life'.  Have you had a chance to read any of Bethenny's books? Would you recommend them?

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