Twilight’s Cam Gigandet And Other Celebrity Dads Hit Comic-Con

San Diego's Comic-Con was THE place to be this weekend.

‘Twilight’ dad Cam Gigandet hung out at comic-con with fellow celebrity dad and ‘Preist’ co-star, Paul Bettany.  The duo were attending the convention to promote the movie.  Paul even brought his son, seven-year-old Stellan, to the event with him.

Celebrity dad Mark Wahlberg was also there, promoting his upcoming film 'The Other Guys', with Will Ferrell, Dwayne Johnson, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Have you attended a Comic-Con before? It's the best place to get a glimpse of some of the most popular upcoming movies and sneak a peek at the upcoming seasons of television shows.

Paul Bettany, white shirt, denim jeans, son Stellan, red shirt

Mark Wahlberg, gray tshirt, watch, bracelet, jeans