Cougar Town’s Busy Philipps Talks Parenting Challenges

'Cougar Town' star Busy Philipps opens up about parenting.

Busy (pictured above with co-star Josh Hopkins) spoke to Mom magazine about the challenges and changes being a parent brings.  She shared that even though she started out hoping her daughter (two-year-old Birdie Leigh) wouldn't be into some of the more mainstream things, at a certain point she had to loosen up.  “I’m sort of like a hippie, and I really tried with the carved wooden blocks and the organic toys and the non-toxic, not-made-in-China things.  Then at a certain point, Birdie came home from the park and she wanted Ariel and she wanted Cinderella.”

Busy also spoke of the changes in her marriage to writer Marc Silverstein after their daughter was born.  “I think that so many people aren’t honest about what actually happens when you have a child,” she adds. “Once you start opening up to girlfriends, then you realize everyone’s sort of going through the same thing. Marc and I really had to work on co-parenting and how we work together.”

Did you watch the first season of 'Cougar Town'? The producers are talking about changing the show's name starting with season two this fall because it's turned into more of an ensemble show and veered away from the original "cougar" storylines. 

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