Kendra Wilkinson Wraps Book Tour And Heads Back To Philadelphia

Kendra Wilkinson is wrapping up her book promotion and heading home.

Kendra has spent the last few months promoting her new book "Sliding Into Home" and her workout dvd "Be A Knockout With Kendra".  The reality star is now gearing up to head back to Philadelphia, where her husband, Hank Baskett, plays football for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kendra shared a bit about the stresses of the upcoming move now that they have an eight-month-old son to worry about, too.  “The most stressful part is finding a perfect car seat to put him in for this flight. He’s in-between right now. He’s big for his age, but he’s not able to fit in the straight ones, so we don’t know which one to use, and we’re going crazy right now. It’s so weird, but that small thing is driving us nuts.”  Along with the car seat issue, with just two weeks until their move, they still aren't sure WHERE they will live.  “We’re thinking of a condo,” “We’re thinking of the safety, what’s more convenient to us, what’s easier for us, because we have to deal with the baby, plus the dogs, and I know dogs in a condo will be a little hard. Yeah. We have so much to think about. But we’re only going to be out there a couple months, so we’re actually even thinking of a hotel. We don’t know yet."

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