Heidi Klum And Seal Take A Family Vacation In Italy

Heidi Klum, floral print summer dress, tan hat, sunglasses, camera, Seal, life jacket

Heidi Klum and Seal take a family vacation to Italy.

Everyone seems to be on vacation! Heidi and Seal were seen out and about in France last week, and this week they're enjoying all that Italy has to offer.  The couple and their four children are currently sailing down the coast of Italy.

Seal was spotted taking the boys out on a smaller boat and then on a jet ski while Heidi took photos from the yacht. They were also spotted enjoying the sights of Portofino.

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Heidi Klum, tan straw hat, sunglasses, white holey tshirt, flip flops, denim shorts, ponytail, Seal, flip flops, blue plaid shorts, teal polo, baby sling

Seal, life jacket, goggles, sunglasses, jet ski