David Beckham Dishes About Wife Victoria

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Soccer dad David Beckham shares his views on Victoria's mothering and fashion.

After 14 years together, David says that one of the most attractive things about wife Victoria is her dedication as a mom.  “She’s an amazing mother. I think when you see a woman willing to immerse [herself] in the children and become this amazing person with the children, now that’s one of the most attractive things about Victoria and about anyone.”

When asked which way he prefers Victoria's fashion – dressed up or down, he shared this: “She looks amazing when she’s dressed up, but then when she’s dressed down, jeans, flip flops, you know, I love her when she’s like that,”  “She looks great both.”

David spent the weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel with his boys: Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.  They hung out at SeaWorld and grabbed dinner at Nobu before they headed over to the Teen Choice Awards, where David picked up the surfboard trophy for Choice Male Athlete.

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