Vince Vaughn’s Mom Is Fearless

You'll never guess how Vince Vaughn spent his weekend with his mom.

Vince and his mom, Shea, spent the weekend at the Air and Water Show in Chicago, Illinois. The mother and son duo took part in a skydiving performance as part of the show. The "Wedding Crashers" actor and his mother jumped out of a plane from more than 12,000 feet. Their stunt was performed with members of the US Army parachute team.

Now I'm even more disappointed that I missed this event! We spent our summer "aviation fund" on EAA's AirVenture earlier in the month.  That event had parachuters, but not Vince Vaughn and mom jumping from a plane! So, what did you do with YOUR mom this weekend?

Vince Vaughn, parachute, skydiving

Vince Vaughn, Shea Vaughn, black and yellow parachute jump suits