Kate Gosselin Shops For Back-To-School Clothes With Her Girls

Kate Gosselin did some back-to-school shopping with her twin daughters.

The busy mom of eight spent the afternoon with her twin girls, Cara and Mady.  They did a little back-to-school clothes shopping at Old Navy and Target near their home in Pennsylvania. 

This year Kate will have the whole day to herself, as her sextuplets will be in school full-time.  I'm sure she'll enjoy a few hours of silence each day – I can only imagine what a chaotic (but fun) zoo her house is.  I don't envy her having to buy clothes and supplies for eight kids!  Yikes!

Are your kids all ready to head back to school? Do they start before or after Labor Day?

Kate Gosselin, white mini skirt, black form-fitting t-shirt, black high heels, sunglasses, silver tote bag, dangle earrings