Jennifer Garner Is Modeling Healthy Habits For Her Daughters

Jennifer Garner is showing her girls how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Violet and Seraphina are learning that exercise and eating right are part of normal, everyday life.  Jennifer shared the ways she's making sure her girls live healthy by role modeling for them.  “I think if your kids see you exercising they’ll grow up exercising,” “They’ll assume that it’s always part of life; If they think it feels good to move your body, they’ll want to do it as they get older.”

One area Jennifer excells in is getting her daughters to eat right – especially their veggies. “My big thing with vegetables lately is, ‘How many colors are you going to eat tonight?’ “I put them out when everybody is hungry, while I’m cooking and trying to get dinner on the table [because] I’m the worst at that,” she admits. “The last ten minutes the kitchen goes to hell in a hand basket, [but] that’s when I try to have broccoli, sugar snap peas, peppers. My girls will eat red and yellow peppers. I’ll put all of that out and see what I can get down them.”

Do you have any tricks or strategies to get your kids to make better choices with food?

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