Brad Pitt Shows Off His Foundation’s Progress In New Orleans

Brad Pitt made a visit to New Orleans on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Brad spent time visiting the 9th Ward of New Orleans showing the progress of his Make It Right Foundation. He filmed interviews and talked with people who now live in the homes that his foundation has helped to build.

“These homes are elevated above Katrina floodwaters, they are stronger, they’ll take a category 4 (storm), and five times stronger than code” he says. “So none of these homeowners will suffer those horrors.”  Brad shared the amazing affordability of the green homes: “this is now the greenest neighborhood in the world, producing more energy than they were eating. So families were getting bills that were $8, $12, just processing fees to tell them they didn’t owe anything for utilities.”

Brad Pitt, blue shirt, jeans, rings, coffee cup, microphone

Brad Pitt, blue button down shirt, new orleans