Mario Lopez Almost Missed His Daughter’s Birth

Mario Lopez shares his weekend adventures in becoming a new dad and almost missing the birth!

Mario and his girlfriend, Courtney Mazza, welcomed a daughter, Gia Francesca, over the weekend.  The actor and Extra! host was in Las Vegas when Courtney called to say she was in labor:  "Mazza called me and said ‘I’m in labor,’ and I thought it was a practical joke, then when my mom and sister started blowin’ up my phone and tellin’ me it’s really happening. There was one flight left and we had to rush to get it, and we barely made it!"

Thankfully he made it back to Los Angeles just in time.  Courtney handled childbirth like a champ, while Mario was a bit squeamish: "Mazza is a rock star! She was so tough and so strong during the whole thing, I peeked over too much and you don’t want to do that cause there was a lot going on right there. It was like a CSI episode. So I went back and this beautiful baby girl came out. She’s precious."  "The whole thing is so surreal, and it happened so quick. I just want to go and stare at her."

Congratulations to the happy family!

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