Minnie Driver Says Henry Never Stops Talking

Minnie Driver talks family and chatty toddlers on the red carpet.

Minnie's son, Henry Story, just celebrated his second birthday and she says that he doesn't stop chatting now.  At the premiere of her new film "Conviction", she shares:  “He’s doing fantastic! He turned two last Sunday and he’s starting to talk. We just had a long conversation on the phone before I came here to the premiere and he just loves to talk. He doesn’t shut up like me.”  Henry's first word wasn't your typical "mama" or "dada" :  "His first word was ‘car’. I don’t know where that came from. I have to ask him when he can form full sentences.”

When asked what extremes she would go to in order to help her family, Minnie says she'd "die for Henry":  “I’d jump in front of car or whatever for him. I would understand that feeling with my brothers and sisters. I mean categorically with my son but with my family I would do whatever it takes. I completely understand that strong, fierce love for another.”

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