Ricki Lake Escapes House Fire With Her Sons

Ricki Lake and her sons escaped a house fire early Saturday morning.

The author (and former talk show host) and her two boys, Sebastian, 13, and Owen, 9, were at home in their rented Malibu Beach house when the fire broke out.  Reportedly, Ricki was trying to refuel a portable heater when a couch caught on fire. The beach house was engulfed in flames quickly, but Ricki, her boys and their family dog made it safely out of the house.  She Tweeted: "Thank you everyone for your concern and well wishes…My sons, beloved dog and I are are safe and very grateful."

Thank goodness no one was hurt! Speaking of Ricki, have you seen her documentary "The Business of Being Born"? 

Ricki Lake, book signing, black top, gold necklace, gold earrings

Ricki Lake