Nadya Suleman Struggling To Keep Her Home

Nadya Suleman is struggling to keep a roof over the heads of her 14 children.

Nadya, who made headlines after giving birth to octuplets last January, is having a hard time keeping up with the financial needs of her family.  The controversial mom is reportedly currently several months behind on her mortgage with a balloon payment of $450,000 due in October.  And she shared that they barely have enough money to last through the week.

No matter what your personal feelings toward her situation are, it's sad to see a mom with so many children struggling to support them. The food and diaper costs alone could bankrupt any typical family.  Nadya's octuplets are 21 months old already – can you imagine chasing after eight toddlers? I can't even begin to imagine the chaos at her house with fourteen kids under one roof.  Hopefully she can manage a way to pay up the mortgage and keep things going.

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