Tori Spelling’s Dog Breaks Her Nose

Never underestimate the power of a purse dog.

Tori Spelling has been suffering from migraine type symptoms for about 2 weeks now and thought it was a bout of a nasty migraines or a problem with her sinuses.  It turns out that her dog broke her nose and she didn't even know it. She shared on her Twitter: "Thought sinus problems again last 2 weeks. But, my dog Chiquita jumped and smashed my nose a week & a half ago. Turns out she broke my nose!"  "Cant believe I thought I had a killer migraine ystrday/today and my Chihuahua actually fractured my nose! I still luv my Chiquita though!"

I'm sure the broken nose made things miserable for Tori since she's been out promoting her new book "Presenting…Tallulah".  Doing interviews and trying to appear perky and excited while you have a horrible headache is no easy feat!

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