Larry Birkhead Says Dannielynn Inherited Many Of Anna Nicole Smith’s Traits

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Larry Birkhead opens up about his daughter's similarities to her mom, the late Anna Nicole Smith.

Larry shares that Dannielynn, 4, reminds him more and more of her mother.  "There isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t see some similarity to her mom. When she’s mad she scowls like her mom."  He is finding ways to keep Anna Nicole's memory alive for Dannielynn: "She can identity her mom. She knows when she sees her on television or features. I always make sure that there are plenty of pictures around and I tell her the kid-friendly stories. She’ll always remember her mom, but she’ll always remember [her brother] Daniel, as well.”

Dannielynn started school this year and Larry says she's loving every minute of it, including the play dates: "I had to get a separate calendar to keep up with her social schedule.  Once you start school, it’s a whole new world. She’s having fun and doing great."

Despite living right in Los Angeles, Larry has done a great job of keeping Dannielynn out of the media.  Photos of them pop up about 2 or 3 times a year, which is truly an amazing feat for any celebrity parent living in the heart of L.A.

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