Lily Allen And Melissa Rycroft Share Baby Updates

Lily Allen, gray sweater, white shirt, black heels, black leggings

Celebrity moms-to-be Lily Allen and Melissa Rycroft announce their exciting baby updates.

Lily shared with 'Stylist' magazine that she is expecting a baby boy and now that she knows the sex of the baby, things feel a little more "real".  "You start to think of names, and then you can go shopping, and it all feels like it’s happening."  Lily couldn't be happier with the way things are going in her life: "I’ve got a boyfriend I love to pieces. I’m having a baby who will hopefully be as beautiful as he is. I’ve got an amazing shop. I work with my sister and I’ve got a lovely house in the country. It certainly ticks all my boxes.”

In other baby news, Melissa Rycroft announced on "The Talk" that she and husband Tye Strickland are expecting a baby girl.  The co-hosts of the show (Sarah Gilbert, Julie Chen, and Leah Remini) gave her gifts in both blue and pink, which prompted Melissa, who is due in February, to let the detail slip by responding with: "Of the gifts in my lap, I think I’m going to take home … the pink!"

Congratulations to both of them!

Melissa Rycroft, Tye Strickland, black shorts, striped shirt