Christina Aguilera Says Women Can Handle Anything, Men Can’t

Christina Aguilera talks divorce, traveling, and girl power.

Christina spoke with Redbook magazine about her belief that women can handle and do anything.  “Every woman has the ability or the drive to do it all and have it all. Men aren’t as strong and capable as we are.  We're machines!"

She says that Max is very adaptable to their busy on-the-go lifestyle. "First it’s album time, then it’s touring time. I go through phases, so we roll with the punches.  You know, this is what the cards have in store for Max. We put it into his brain early on that he’s a traveling guy. He adapts well when we go from hotel to hotel.”

One celebrity mom who is impressed with Christina's drive and dedication to her son is Nicole Richie.  Nicole says of the singer: “To watch her as a mother only skyrockets the respect I have for her. She is the woman who’s recording until 4 a.m. and up at 7 to be with her son.”

I wonder how many groups will have their feathers ruffled over what she said.

Christina Aguilera, tan dress, white sweater coat, leopard print bag