John Travolta Is Ready To Meet His Son

John Travolta and Kelly Preston prepare for their son's arrival.

John and Kelly will have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, as he shared that Kelly's due on November 26th with their son, already named Benjamin.  John is currently in Australia to help celebrate the 90th anniversary of Qantas Airways, but says he's ready to fly home on a moment's notice.

“When I left, she was having what they call Braxton Hicks, the fake labor, and we were both a little worried. But then the doctor said to drink more water, more liquids and that stops that. I think she just had a little talk with Ben and said, ‘Look, let’s wait till Dad comes home and deliver then.'  But I’m ready to go at any minute. If she started having labor now we would leave and take 22 hours to get home, but I’ll get there.”

Let's hope if Kelly does go into labor that little Ben is a "take his time" kind of guy.  22 hours is a long flight home!

John Travolta, Kelly Preston, blue dress