Jenna Elfman Shared Her Breastmilk With Baby In Need

Jenna Elfman shares her experience in breastfeeding.

The actress explains that after the birth of her first son, Story (3), she didn't know anything about breastfeeding: "I had zero education about breastfeeding before giving birth to my first son, I didn’t know there was anything  TO learn about breastfeeding!  I thought you put the baby on the breast and they sucked and that was it.  There was maybe one sentence on it in my birth class."   She explains that Story had a difficult time latching, so she wound up pumping and bottle feeding him instead.  Jenna wound up using the excess breast milk she had stored up to help a friend's family out. 

One of Jenna's friends had a family member who gave birth to a methamphetamine-addicted baby who was having trouble keeping down his formula, so Jenna helped them out.  “Once a week my friend would come over and get a supply. The second the baby started on breastmilk, he could hold it down. All of the rash symptoms on his body started going away. I literally kept him alive for several months."  That baby is now 3, but Jenna holds a special place in her heart for him:  "It was so rewarding.  To this day when I see him, in my heart I feel connected to him, like he’s my little angel friend. "


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