Pete Wentz Shares Bronx’s Latest Tricks; Talks Divorce

Pete Wentz isn't letting the media run rampant with the divorce rumors.

Since Ashlee and Pete split early last month, rumors have been flying about the reasons behind it.  But the former couple won't let the media hype change how they really feel about each other.  Yesterday Pete shared with Ryan Seacrest his feelings about his soon-to-be ex-wife:  "It's like Ashlee's been my best friend for five years. She's the mother of my child. I have nothing but love and respect for her. Going through something like this isn't easy, but we're friends, and the most important thing is to put our son first."  

Pete and Ashlee spent a lot of time together over the weekend – they were photographed twice grabbing lunch and dinner together.  Pete says he's glad the media has a new focus at the moment.  "It's hard to … maintain your private life. You want to do it, especially when there's a kid involved. It's like the one time on earth I'm like, 'Thank god Charlie Sheen exists.'"

He dished a little on how their son Bronx, 2, is doing.  "He's doing awesome. He's crazy. It's like something new every day. Everything's like a new discovery for him. All of a sudden he's opening doors and all of a sudden he wants to paint.  His new thing is hiding cell phones and credit cards and stuff.  I'm like, 'So where's dad's cell phone?' And he laughs. He thinks it's a comedy bit."


Pete Wentz Shares Bronx’s Latest Tricks; Talks Divorce

Photo credits: Wenn & Splash