Billy Ray Cyrus Admits He Could Have Been A Better Dad

Billy Ray Cyrus opens up about his mistakes in parenting.

The celebrity dad has been making the rounds to the morning talk shows apologizing for making the negative remarks to a magazine, claiming that "Hannah Montana" ruined his family.  He explained yesterday on 'Good Morning America' that he was in a very dark place when he gave the interview and he didn't mean those harsh words: "I love Hannah Montana. I love Disney. I wouldn't change anything." 

He also admits that he has some regrets about the way he has fathered all of his kids: "I did kind of approach being a dad as a friend. I was a great playmate. I mean, for teaching [my children] how to camp and build fires and ride motorcycles and four-wheelers, and horses, and all those fun kind of things. I was really good at that. As far as sitting down and doing algebra and science, the homework, I wasn't very good at that. So I look back on it and think, 'You know what? Maybe, no doubt, I could have been a better dad.' "

Despite all of it, he says he still wants to be Miley's friend and the person she comes to when she needs to talk. 


Photo credit: Splash