Melanie Brown Is Keeping Baby’s Gender A Surprise

Melanie Brown dishes on keeping things a surprise with baby #3.

The former Spice Girl and current judge on ‘The X-Factor Australia’ is due in just a few weeks with her third child (with husband Stephen Belafonte) and shares that she hasn’t done too much shopping nor picked out a name, as they are waiting to be surprised on whether it’s a boy or a girl at the delivery.

“I’m really so behind with all that stuff. With my other two, I just waited until they were born and [then I] sense what works and what doesn’t. It’s nice to have something left to surprise yourself. You get everything neutral — not too much stuff until the baby arrives.”

Melanie is back in the U.S. waiting for her new bundle of joy to arrive and says that she hopes it happens “sooner rather than later”, as she’s ready to go.  In the meantime, she’s finishing up her work for the show:  “I got back [to Los Angeles] a month ago — my home visits [for the show] were over the weekend so they flew to me. My home visits were at home which was quite nice,” she explains. ”I love work. I love doing what I do and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t do it!”

Melanie is also the mom of two daughters: Phoenix Chi, 12, and Angel Iris, 4.





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